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9,240 unique NFTs ripped off from Christie’s NYC. LEARN MORE

We’re incredibly excited for what the future holds for Superplastic NFTs and all the O.G. members of the CRYPTOJANKY community that are making all this happen.

Right now we’re working with incredible partners to create an environment that will provide our core NFT holders exclusive access to our brand, events and characters in a way no one has done before. Our goal is to massively grow the value of all the CryptoJanky NFTs you own, and to provide insane access to rare collectibles, crypto art, and special experiences with Janky & Guggimon (and in the real world)! We can’t wait to share our plans with you in the upcoming weeks.

This shit is just the start of an amazing ride and we’re all in with you.

Paul Budnitz

Fam. Tha $HIT we got planned iz wilder than Guggi on zips & molly waterz at burning man. We been plotting thiz moment 4 a long time and kant wait to share all our secrets with you.. SOON (buckelz up)